Water Conservation

Alt TextThink back to your last drive through the local North Highlands backroads last summer. You probably noticed that most of that most of the pasture and wild grass you saw had turned into dry brush. One reason for this effect is the widespread adoption of non-native plants in California that have since spread and overtaken native species. Since these plants are not used to the area, they aren't very good at naturally thriving during times of heat, drought, and dry air.

The same is true of your lawn. California homeowners use billions of gallons of water annually to keep their non-native lawns hydrated and irrigated during the dry summers. During this time of drought, the importance of an efficient sprinkler system has never been more important. Our team of North Highlands sprinkler system experts are trained and licensed to tackle the most challenging residential water conserving irrigation jobs.

Let Us Show You How To Start Saving Water

We help save our customers an average of 8,800 gallons of water per year, and offer the following services:

  • a tech is checking for leaksIrrigation efficiency assessments
  • Drip irrigation conversion
  • Leak detection and automated shutoff heads
  • Smart sprinkler controllers
  • Landscape optimization recommendations
  • Runoff use and reduction
  • Soil penetration systems

Ready for Something New?

When it's time to do a complete overhaul, our local North Highlands experts will provide the exact equipment to meet your needs. We will assess your unique residential water table, ground cover, and existing supply to deliver the best in state of the art irrigation to your home. In addition, we are trained to configure and install the best smart meters, which will be in tune with temperature, rainfall, condensation, wind direction, as well as a host of other indicators. Whether you're looking to increase your irrigation capabilities or conserve water, our North Highlands technicians are standing by to provide you with solutions that work at a price you can afford.